The picture above on the left is our first koi pond. It was only about 800 gallons. We got a lot of enjoyment out of it.
The picture on the right is our newest mud pond that is 40 foot wide, 6 foot deep, and approximately 75,000 gallons.

Hi my name is Marshall Dunlap and Gail is my wife.

Gail’s Koi started out as a hobby for my wife Gail and myself. We enjoy watching koi fish. You gtet a special connection, and there is something soothing about feeding and watching koi fish eat. Doctors should prescribe it for stress relief.
Then In Sept of 2005 Gail contracted WEST NILE VIRUS. She was paralyzed from the neck down. So I decided to quite my job, and stay at home to help care for Gail.  Well after 4 long years of exhausting physical therapy, we are happy to say that Gail’s health has slowly been improving. She is now back walking, moving around, and able to do most things again, even if only for a short time.

During these last 4 years we spent a lot more time enjoying our koi. We just loved it so much, that we decided to share that joy with friends and family. Then people started asking us if they could buy some of our koi. So we started breading them. And that is how Gail’s koi was started. After a small learning curve and some trial and error, we started to acquire a working knowledge of what it takes to keep a healthy koi pond. We then started networking and sharing our newfound information with friends and acquaintances. And I do not know how, or when it actually happened, but somewhere along the line, we became a full time butterfly koi farm.

While we were in the design faze of our koi ponding, it became clear that we had to choose between a natural or chemical solution for the obstacles that arise. So we made a commitment to always keep a focus on the environment. And we are still keeping that commitment today.

Gail’s Koi is committed to providing quality service to the local and online community. We believe that while others seek to profit by cutting corners, or recommending unnecessary services just to boost profits. We believe that a good reputation and consistent customer service will reap greater rewards in the long run.

We are proud of our solid reputation as a trustworthy business and a reliable friend to the environment.

You can contact us by email at
or by phone at 405-396-8000.

We are located at:
11650 Otis
Guthrie, OK 73044