Welcome to 
Mid America Koi 
The new home for Gail's Koi.
We hope you like our new look.


Check out our new store. We have added over 2000 new Koi pond products. 

We offer a very unique personnel approach to buying Koi products over the Internet, with no hassle browsing. We hate it when we go to a website and get bombarded with pop ups and banner ads. So we have vowed that we will never try to distract you with annoying pop ups, or banner ads of any kind ever. And we do not sell or give your personal information to any one for any reason. We don’t even use it ourselves. That’s right, we won’t bother you with emails. We promise. 

We don’t claim to be the cheapest. But you will get something that we feel is missing in far too many businesses of today. Good old-fashioned person-to-person customer service. 

Our Koi season is over and we no longer have live Koi available this year.

We sell our Koi by size, once you acquire your size and select a general color; We will go to work to find just the right Koi for you. I will hand select a Koi for you to approve via pictures sent to your email. If you do not like that one, no problem, I'll find you another. If I can't find the right Koi for you, I will refund every penny of your money. And you will owe me nothing. Fair enough.

Because we hand select your Koi, we will require 7 to 10 days time to prepare the Koi for transport. Of course we will keep you up to date with all shipping dates and tracking information.

Prices are as fallows.
4 to 6 inch long butterfly Koi including shipping to your US address is $44.99
6 to 8 inch long butterfly Koi including shipping to your US address is $59.99

We guarantee live arrival so the shipping, except for one penny is included in the price.
The pictures on this page are some of the colors that are available.

Why are we different?
We measure our koi from the nose to the end of the body, not counting the tail fin. So when you buy a 4 inch koi from us, you get a real 4 inch long koi with an additinal long tail fin.

Shipping is only 1 penny
We do not use shipping as a source of revenue. When it comes to live fish, we have found the most economical shipping cost for you. We charge our actual shipping and handling cost including our insurance. We have done extensive research, development, and  testing, to find the best method for shipping of live fish.  We now have it down to a science. and it's all included in the price.

No Risk Guaranty
Our guarantee covers the shipping. How you ask?


We carry our own insurance. If something happens to the shipment. This insurance will cover the shipping cost for the replacement koi. And it's already included in our low shipping cost. you take no risk.